• Dynamic SIA, Inc.

    Dynamic SIA, Inc sets the bar even higher in the digital security market with our business practices and services that we offer to our clients. From single-family homes to large corporate businesses, our products and services will protect your valuable assets. In addition to installing a layer of security to protect your property and assets, we offer integrated solutions which bring the ability to control and monitor all systems and services from one central device, even while you are away.

    Our company has shown superior expertise in the security industry and our installations have been protecting and automating commercial and residential properties throughout the Greater St. Louis Area Since 2007. What makes us such a Dynamic company is the ability to match you with the appropriate equipment that fits your specific needs; we are not tied to one specific brand of equipment. This allows us to custom tailor every job and keeps you from having to buy unnecessary equipment and services; not your run of the mill “integrated security and automation”.

    We begin every project; no matter what the scope involves, with a ‘no obligation’ consultation so you are well educated on the different types of technologies and there capabilities. You will know exactly what to expect when the project is completely commissioned. When every job is completed you can rest a little easier knowing that your valuable assets are being well protected. While most people hope they will never have to resort to one, a security system is essential to ensuring not only a piece of mind, but also safety in case bad things happen. As an added piece of mind, all of our installations come with parts and labor warranty and the options to purchase an extended warranty and service maintenance plan.

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