• Commercial

    Banking and Financial Institutions

    • Protect your companies assets, employees and customers by employing security cameras, access control, panic buttons, and other life safety devices.
    • MegaPixel security cameras for identification of persons; in addition, to tracking business transactions for quality control and audits.

  • Hospitality Industry - Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs

    • Give your business the advantage with the installation of security cameras, access control, panic buttons, and other life safety devices.
    • Easily monitor crowds and persons of interest and be able to dispatch security before a problem arises.
    • Protect your profits by keeping a close eye on inventory items an monitor transactions at your point-of-sale using text overly or data capturing.
    • Record that your staff took all means necessary to deter an intoxicated patron from leaving the premise driving a vehicle - can capture video of the patron entering a cab or a designated drivers automobile.
    • Review your staffs performance while on the job for quality of work being done or excessive time wasting while on the clock.

  • Commercial

    Casinos and Hotels

    • Provide the necessary security camera coverage and backup systems to keep your gaming establishment within compliance of state and federal regulations.
    • Integrate Access control for enhanced door security and employee tracking.
    • Protect your retail outlets and restaurants - Patron monitoring and point-of-sale integrations.
    • Key tracking systems - know instantly if a set of sensitive keys is about to exit the premise and stop it from happening before they reach the exterior of the building. Always know where keys are located within the builing.

  • Service Stations

    • Capture license plate numbers for evidence in gas pump theft or vandalism.
    • Get clear images of patrons as they enter/exit the premise.
    • Protect your customers and deter loitering with the use of security cameras.